Leadership Development

“To work with Marcia is to witness authenticity in action—a congruence between inner and outer selves.   Using provocative questions and reflective space, she models a Socratic approach to teaching and learning that makes her an exceptional teacher/guide.”

William Courville PhD,
Executive Coach

“I have worked with Marcia Hyatt for over 20 years and consider her a true partner. She is among my most valued colleagues and is always a delight to work with. She is a talented facilitator of the Organization Workshop, one I can count on to get top-notch results with our clients. She has great skill interacting with participants and delivering complex material clearly and impactfully. Her commitment to the success of our clients results in skillful tailoring of The Organization Workshop in ways that meet clients’ needs while maintaining the integrity and messages of the workshop.”

— Barry Oshry, President, Power+Systems, Inc.

“I have had the privilege of taking part in a leadership program facilitated by Marcia. I was impressed by her ability to facilitate each voice being heard and really listened to. Although I have won awards for my teaching, and regularly teach leader development myself to both students and businesspeople, I learned a lot from watching Marcia.”

Teresa Rothausen, PhD Professor of Management and Heckler Endowed Chair in Business Administration, Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas

Our leadership development approaches help leaders develop insight, build partnerships and effectively lead others. We offer a unique mix of structured programs and customize these to meet your unique needs.

Leadership Development Programs Include:

    • Leading From the Middle
      A highly interactive, 1 to 2-1/2 day workshop that incorporates “The Organization Workshop” by Barry Oshry, influencing and coaching.  Participants leave the workshop with practical tips on how to increase their strategic and powerful action from the middle of an organization.
    • Women’s Leadership Intensive
      This intensive program is designed to support women leaders to have an increased sense of their unique leadership qualities and voice.  As a result of the program they understand more fully how to use their strengths as a leader; focus on what matters and develop stronger internal and external support systems for their personal and leadership aspirations.
    • Customized Leadership Development Programs
      Marcia has worked with a number of companies to design practical and powerful leadership development programs that result in behavior changes on the job.
    • Peer Coaching
      By learning while doing the real work of leadership, participants get real-time results and are able to rapidly correct their course. The benefits are immediate: leaders improve business performance, develop self-mastery and demonstrate leadership competence.
    • What Have I Mythed?   8-hour presentation
      Participants play with creating their own myth.  Warming up with image cards and storytelling, they explore creating their own symbolic story.

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